1. Lift Him Up
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Bow Down Thine Ear Oh Lord Hear Me
For I am Poor and Needy Preserve My Soul For I am Holy Oh God Save Me Let My Heart Be Free Let The Holy Spirit into Me Be Merciful Unto Me Oh Lord I cry Unto Thee in Jesus Name That's How I Pray Thy Servant Does Trust In Thee Our Lord Is Full Of Mercy No Satan You Cannot Hurt Me Ahaaaah Yeah Yeah Lift Him Up Yall Ahaaaaah Yeah Yeah Lift Him Up Yall

Lord Give Us Grace So That We May Stand and Enter into The Promised Land Lord We Know If We Surfer For your Name We'll Be In Your Eternal Rain Just Hold Our Hands and Together We'll Stand Walking With Jesus Hand in Hand Lord On This Day We All Shall Pray I Tell You All This In Jesus Name Fro The Love Of Jesus Has No Shame Just Call Upon His Holy Name and Then My Friends We'll All Be Saved So Praise The Lord In Jesus Name Your Life Will Never Ever Be The Same Just Don't Give Up Keep Your Faith Join Jesus Christ and Win The Holy Race For Satan Was Thrown From The Golden Gates Be sure You Don't Follow His Big Mistakes For If You Do Eternal Death Is Cruel Jesus Has Left It All Up To You

Lord I pray To you In Jesus Name Please Don't Let My Life Be The Same Lord Give Me Strength To Change My Ways and Courage To Walk In Your Holy Way For The Past Ten Years I've Been Insane Walking Down Satan's Evil Lane That Almost Drove Me To My Grave Now Thanks To You That's All Been Changed Oh Lord I'm Just Happy To Praise Your name Thank You Lord For Your Precious Gift I'm gonna rap You Praises Till You Tell Me To Quit In Christ Our Lord We're All Legit

Repeat Chorus